The company, Bristol Motor Speedway, will have sole operational and financial oversight into the facility, despite the millions of dollars of public money going into the deal, bringing between 85 and 100 events days to the track.

  • BMS obtains rights to 10 multi-day race weekends, four of which will be week-long events, 20 undefined events like concerts, and 20 practice days, while the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp gets an additional 20, possibly multi-day, events bringing downtown partying to the neighborhood.
  • The agreement allows events to run as late as 10PM at night.
  • The lease agreement runs for a term of 30 years entitling Bristol Motor Speedway to an existing and potentially expanding piece of our community for decades to come.

Pressing issues like increasing affordable housing, fixing decaying infrastructure and public transit, and approaching the problems of homelessness and crime need our attention and funding urgently. Another project that puts Nashville residents, their pocketbooks, and the future of our children on the line to promote more partygoers and weekend tourists does us all a disservice. It marks just one more step in the wrong direction for the future of Nashville.